Offshore Game Fishing

In Tobago, Offshore game fishing is a very popular. Tobago’s Peak fishing season are from October-Jun. During this season, you will find huge amounts of Marlin, king-fish, sail-fish and barracuda. The large marlins are estimated at 1200-pound range are rarely caught due to its size and equipment used is not sufficient to hold it. Tobago has a variety of fishes like wahoo, tuna, swordfish and sailfish off the northwest coast between the three-rock formation called the Sisters and two small uninhabited islands called Giles. Anglers are kept busy from dawn until dusk during this season. Some catches maybe between 30 and 65 pounds or larger.

There is a program called fish conservation which is where you catch and release what you catch. It is strongly encouraged in Tobago. In other words, you can’t keep what you caught. You have to throw it back. There is a Game Fishing Tournament held every March in Charlotteville, Tobago. Its a 70-mile crossing from the west coast of Trinidad. Anyone wanting to participate are encourage to join the boats must pay in advance.

The fishing trips leaves early in the mornings and you can discuss with the captain what is to be included in the trips – such as bait, reels, food, drinks and also if you can keep part of the day’s catch for your own BBQ. These trips usually carry only 4 persons at a time. Visit to booking and other information.