Tobago Rainforest

It is the home of the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, since 1764. It is known as Unspoilt. what is it, you ask. well it is, Tobago rainforest. It is filled with the most beautiful birds, magnificent trees, colorful flowers and plants. They include 210 species of birds, 17 bats, 5 marine turtles, 16 lizards, 14 frogs, 23 snakes, 12 mammals and small harmless alligators called caimans. Tobago’s national bird, the cocrico and hummingbirds, blue-backed manakins, collared trogons and tanagers. You will also see fly catchers, leaf tossers, woodpeckers, jacamars, and great black hawks in the forest.

Tobago’s islands, like Little Tobago and Goat Island, has an array of wildlife like seabirds – pelicans, frigates, boobies and the rare Red-billed Tropic Bird. Not to mention the birds who migrate to Tobago from North and South America. Many bird experts from all over the world are fascinated by Tobago diverse wildlife.

In Scarborough, Tobago, there is the Botanical Gardens covers 18 acres of former sugar estates, and has a vast array of trees and shrubs, including flamboyants, African tulips and an orchard house. But don’t let tobago’s small frame fool you. This tiny 26 miles by 7 island has alot to offer.

The reserve covers over a third of the island and there are many tours available.
What to bring: Mosquito repellent, camera, binoculars, sturdy walking shoes or strap-on sandals. Conditions vary and the trail may be muddy. so be sure to prepare yourself. Boots are available for rental. So don’t wait, schedule your tour today.