Tobago’s Nightlife

Live music, drinking, dancing, and all the clubbing you can stand. what can it be but a night out on the town at Buccoo Tobago on a Sunday night. Usually known as laid-back and relaxed, but not so relaxed that we don’t know how to have some fun. there is always something for everyone from going to the movies to clubbing. whichever you prefer. the choice is limitless. Throughout the year, Tobago has various events to include the Great Fete Weekend, Angostura Tobago Race Week and the Tobago Annual Great Race. if clubbing isn’t your thing, maybe you can catch a movie at our multiplex in lowlands.

Sunday School is a street party that takes place in Buccoo Tobago. The first session starts at 9pm and is mainly for visitors, with steelpan music from the Buccaneers and dozens of craft, food and even gambling fillings the street. Part II starts at 11pm, that is when everything really comes alive. So come with lots of energy because the party may not stop until the wee morning.There are many popular spots to lime at in Tobago.