Crab Racing

Another event which takes place in Buccoo, Tobago on this holiday is Crab Racing. Although it is not as popular as goat racing, it can hold its own. It is just as exciting and intriguing. Crab Racing is where large blue crabs are coax with string attached to a bamboo poles towards the finish line. Am sure you remember your mother saying to you as a child, eat your food and don’t play with it! Well, that doesn’t apply while at this event. Its okay to play with you food before you eat it.

All jockeys and their crabs are placed in the center of a large circle drawn in the sand and the first one to come out of the circle is the winner. In some races, the crabs are encouraged to run on a straight course. In the end, the owners take home the prize while all crabs win or lose are taken to the pot for a delicious meal.

If you’ve never had Curried crab and dumpling, you are definitely missing out. So come join us at next years Festival.